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Public Domain Comedy HeavenTake a look at There is a large and growing collection of public domain classic comedy, both intended and unintentional.

The intended comedy gems include 30 whole episodes from The Lucy Show, starring Lucille Ball, Laurel and Hardy in Flying Deuces, Charlie Chaplin in The Rink and Buster Keaton in Steamboat Bill Jr. Unintentional hilarity comes in the form of The Killer Shrews or Bela Lugosi's Ape Man. For a full list go to the home page at, there's much much more.

All the major non-comedy movies and tv series:
Jane Russell Jane Russell in sexually charged cowboy movie...
Cyrano de Bergerac 1950 Oscar winning movie of the French love classic.
House On Haunted Hill Price will chill your spine in this camp horror classic...
Superman The Max Fleischer Studios made some of the most sophisticated cartoons in their day. We have copies of all 17 cartoons now up on the site. [Here]
Hercules Unchained fun in the sun...
Detour number one in's top ten public domain movies. It's a hitchhiker thriller. [Here]
Vincent Price Price is the last man on earth... dark classic.
One Step Beyondd of the supernatural including premonitions, poltergeists and more in half hour tv episodes. .
Dragnet classic cop show from the 1950's... [Here]
Apollo Moon Missions
DOA A man walks into a police station to report a murder... his own...
Secret Weapon Secret Weapon. A rousing pro-WW2 piece here. Sherlock Holmes, who normally resides in late 19th century London, is now set in WW2 battling Nazi's in this gripping drama. [Here]
Loose Change 2nd Edition
The controversial internet documentary discussing many of the 9/11 conspiracies. [Here]
Dressed To Kill To Kill. Sherlock Holmes and his trusted sidekick Doctor Watson investigate a mystery in which criminals seem to be passing messages by musical box. Classic. [Here]
The Woman In Green The Woman In Green. Sherlock Holmes battles hypnotism in this movie. Nice comic moment when Doctor Watson is put under the spell of a stage hypnotist. [Here]
Bonanza Bonanza - One episode of the classic TV western, Death At Dawn. It's a cracker. [Here]
Terror By Night Terror By Night. Sherlock Holmes is hired to guard a valuable gem which is being transported on a train. Definitive cinema Holmes. [Here]
Radar Men From The Moon
Some cliffhanger guessing fun here...
Video in's Conspiracy
Video in Real Funny News...
Video in Top Ten Laughs
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The USA Flag (Windows)
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