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Conspiracy Files: The Turin Shroud - Is This The Face Of Jesus Christ?

Last update: 18th April, 2016

It seems unlikely that the Shroud of Turin actually shows the image of Jesus Christ. That the image was somehow created from his burial cloth seems unbelievable...

The thing is that, today, after years of research (and after what appeared to be conclusive proof through carbon dating that it was a fake in the 1980s - which said that the Shroud was too new to have dated back to the time of Christ) nobody knows exactly what this piece of cloth is. Criticism of the original carbon dating says that they took the sample from one of the corners which was most likely to have been repaired over time.

It could well be one of the oldest conspiracies in history as latest dating techniques cannot rule out that it dates back to the time of Jesus Christ.

How it was created remains a mystery, attempts to recreate it using techniques that could have been used in the past have apparently all failed.

Here is the evidence - below is a selection of screen grabs from an excellent documentary that Performance Films made for the BBC on the Shroud of Turin in 2008 (for which the documentary makers had full access to photograph the Shroud in high definition for the first time.)

The Shroud of Turin - Actual image of the Shroud in natural light

Shroud of Turin, detail


But if you take an image of the Shroud and computer manipulate it so that the image becomes a negative, you see the images of a man with his eyes closed and hands crossed as if in death...

Is this the face of Jesus Christ? - Negative image of Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin - Face, negative, detail


Is this the body of Jesus Christ? - Negative image of Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin - Hands crossed, negative  detail


The largest image of the Shroud of Turin this site has so far - Negative image of Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin - Face, negative detail


Note: The Shroud was rescued from a fire which made the holes in the fabric.

A new documentary (April 2016) called A Grave Injustice outlines the failings in the original 1980s carbon dating:

A Grave Injustice from Performco on Vimeo.