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Conspiracy Files: Reality Is Just An Illusion - Here's the Proof

Last update: 18th April, 2016

On this page we will be building up a collection of strange real world anomalies that shows reality is not what you perceive it to be...

How can you split a bar of chocolate so that a piece can be eaten, but the whole bar remains? What happens below is impossible, but it happens before your very eyes...

Infinite bar of chocolate - Impossible

Image taken from:

This optical illusion was shown in the BBC Horizon documentary "Is Seeing Believing?": Look at this cube..

Rubics Cube Illusion

If you cut out a piece from one of the brown squares and place it on the other one it looks identical...

Rubics Cube brown illusion

Your eyes over compensate for the difference because of the shade

Rubics Cube illusion

Here's another illusion from the BBC Horizon documentary "Is Seeing Believing?"

Light and shade Illusion 1

The two squares are the same colour... In the documentary they take the round patch from the lower gray and placed it on the top gray. For we cut a box from each area and put it on the other area to show they are the same colour...

Light and shade illusion 2
Light and Shade Illusion 3

The third illusion involving colour perception from the BBC Horizon documentary "Is Seeing Believing?":

Yellow and blue illusion

The blue tiles on the box in the yellow picture (left) are the same colour as the yellow tiles in the blue picture (right)... They are both gray...

Yeloow and blue illusion

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