Scorpio - April 2014 - Funny Horoscope

Your chart, if joined by the ages old method of dot-to-dot, once again forms a pointy eared animal. This could be a sign that you are about to start experimenting with horse breeding, or it could mean something else entirely.

If you decide on the horse breeding route: We would advise buying books, DVDs and inflatable animals on the subject before you actually try it in the field. You are to be reassured that you are not mistaken in your belief that some of the animals in the field are looking at you in a becoming way.

Bottled water is the best chance for your survival this week when the local Al Qaeda affiliate chapter randomly select your street as target practice on the exact day an anti-terrorism practice is to take place down it. Of course someone has tipped them off. Watch who you call between 2nd-12th of the month and become cryptic in any conversations regarding your street to people you have known for less than a year... lest the blame could fall on your shoulders...


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