Cancer - March 2013 - Funny Horoscope

A funny smell will start your month uncomfortably. This is not due to a large Sulphur storm over Saturn's under crust as claimed by some, lesser, newspaper horoscopes. However, it is advisable to eat up all old cheeses you have been fermenting in the back of the fridge before the 19th of the month, especially those made from milk with an angry goat pictured on the carton.

Full Moons rarely have any effect on your resolute Cancer character, however the one on the 3rd could inspire you to scream and shout at the sky during dusk. Ensure throat lozenges, shaving equipment and strong industrial nail clippers are on hand throughout any were-wolfy periods.

Your destiny will suggest itself during a comedy routine involving a scantily clad woman, or man, and cows.


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