Aquarius - February 2013 - Funny Horoscope

A small car with Herbie like aspirations will make this month traumatic in any number of endearingly stunt filled ways, especially when driving through narrow country roads, when parked precariously by a pool, lake or river, on a building site, or when the horn is being honked at any honkable beach babes or dudes.

Fire hydrants could provide moments of unexpected water based levity this month, as could office based sprinkler systems, and garden hoses (but only before the weather is right to use them properly).

Accept the change given you by vending machines and don't bother phoning the complaint line number if it goes wrong. The phone number was how they made 35% of their profits last year (They have a Sagittarius Finance Director!!! Nothing more needs to be said).

Venus continues to watch with a furrowed brow sideways.


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