Sagittarius - January 2013 - Funny Horoscope

Pluto is set to take celestial charge of all computers, tablets any other micro electronic technology in the home now that the Mayan Apocalypse turned out to be some sort of calculation error. Pluto had liked the Mayans and was surprised they could get that sort of thing so wrong. Pluto's influence will empower all Sagittarius when typing haphazardly on keyboards until well into March. Enjoy also: swiping left to right, pressing F10, and turning your computer off then on again.

The Sound Of Music had a special message for you when it was on the tv during the Christmas - New Year break. Your own chart is unclear what the message is, actually, but to be honest if all it was was that it feels really great to run and swivel round in the Austrian mountains while singing at the top of your angelic voice it was a good lesson.

Hazard warning lights come under the influence of a pedantic Neptune this month. You should always take a warning from hazard warning lights but just remember that some of the time Neptune is just having a laugh, like on the 17th and 23rd of the month for part of the time.


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