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For Years the Tobacco Industry Claimed That Smoking Was Safe. This Is What They Said At The Time...

Overview: Today it is widely accepted that smoking is bad for your health.

There was a long period, however, before a scientific consensus was established which actually proved that it was unsafe. During that time the tobacco industry continued a conspiracy to defend their profits by sometimes even suggesting cigarettes were so safe doctors recommended a certain brand.

On this page, over time, we will collect a comprehensive selection of videos and other evidence, including brazen adverts, the tobacco industry used in an attempt to safeguard their profits in a murderous conspiracy that went on for years.

Philip Morris CEO Tells Pregnant Moms Smoking is Safe
Philip Morris is Moralistic
Smoking was once glamorous... This video hosted by - Philip Morris are enforcing copyright strikes for this video on Youtube, so don't post it there.
And here's a print ad from the day - it looks like it's on the same campaign...
Philip Morris - Lucille Ball

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Doctors smoke Camels
Doctor's Smoke camels
Image found:
Smoke a Fresh Cigarette
Smoke a Fresh Cigarette
L and M Filters... just what the doctor ordered
L and M Filter Tip
Chesterfield - Ronald Regan
Chesterfield Ronald Regan ad
Luckies are easy on my throat
Luckies Are easy On My throat
Chesterfield claimed to have scientific evidence...
Chesterfield Scientific Evidence

Chesterfield also said the same in some radio ads, hosted by

Martin and Lewis - The Radio Shows - Chesterfield Ad Christmas 1951

Martin and Lewis - The Radio Shows - Chesterfield Ad September 1952

Martin and Lewis - The Radio Shows - Chesterfield Ad April 1952

Dentists recommend Viceroys...
Dentists recommend Viceroys