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28th November 2018

Deal Or No Deal Or Something Else Completely

by Gary Smith

"The right honorable member is a total and utter tool. A right tool!!! I have just done all the bloody work. Bloody work! I have travelled all over. I have spoken to people with outragious accents to get this deal, and what has the right horrible member done?"
The speaker: "Objection. The Prime Minister must restrain herself from using these expletives. Prime Minister!"
"Up yours you crusty old fool. Have you negotiated this deal? No. All you have done is sit on your fat arse and say objection. With absolutely no respect at all you are a cretinous pile of turd, you can..." "...darling it's 7 o'clock, you asked me to wake you." She looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

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