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27th November 2018

The Chaos President

by Gary Smith

He chuckled to himself when he got back into the office. I'm so good, he thought. He knew he had just put the cat in the pigeons. Having real power meant you could say anything and THEY listened. Just pop outside and ruin a government abroad. POWER!
Politics is really just Pro Wrestling Trash Talking, he reflected. Shame the prime minister isn't strong enough to pick up and slam down one of my advisors. I'd like that. She'd never dare do it to me. She isn't big enough anyway. I'm hefty. Thank you cake, he smiled to himself. Pro wrestling in business suits - always turned me on.
I'm the first Chaos President, he thought. I don't need a cape, and he chuckled to himself again. He was truly happy. They don't know what I will say next. Nobody knows how powerful that makes me. Never been bored yet in this job, excellent he thought. Now I really need to pee.

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