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26th November 2018

I'm A Student Get Me Outta Here

by Gary Smith

He wasn't thinking. His mind was racing. It didn't make any sense any more inside his head. He had just been pardoned from a life sentence. Giddy happiness probably was the best way to describe it. No, can't describe it. Too many options. Thoughts of going home. Racing. Racing. Wow. Getting out of this solitary cell.
Meanwhile in London...
An agent was looking out of the window wondering if it was time to get her assistant to pop out to get her fourth latte of the day. STUDENT JAMES BOND RETURNS HOME had a ring to it, she thought. Got a couple of tabloids interested yesterday. Single phone call, easiest sell of the year so far. Mmmh... yes, another latte is my reward. "Monica, lovie, are you busy....?"

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