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19th December 2018

Bad Week

by Gary Smith

Busy week. Going to sit down in this nice comfy chair and relax. Ahhhhh. Kick my shoes off... like so. Aahhhh. Need a drink. Got to get up and get a drink. Should I put my shoes back on or go in my bestockinged feet? Should I take my stockings off? No, bestockinged feet it is. ooo cold floor. Brandy, cognac what is the difference? These glasses are really clean. Mmmmh.
Takes glass to chair. Sits down. Mmmh. Lovely. Hits the spot. Mmmh. What a week. It's lovely and comfortable here. Mmmmh. Fancy a nibble. Another log on the fire. Some nice music would make this perfect.
No. I'll have to compromise on just the drink, the rest can be an aspiration. Oh no that's just like last week. Starting to get wound up again. This glass is dirty.

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