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Trumpgate 17th July to 31st July 2017

How the incredible events in the early months of the Donald Trump presidency broke...

31st July 2017 The Mooch Resigns, General John Kelly Becomes Chief Of Staff, POTUS Wrote Misleading Trump Jr Statement About Russian Meeting

President Trump dictated a misleading statement given out by Donald Trump Jr following the recently reported, and previously denied, Russian interview. Advisors wanted initially to give out a full statement, but Trump Sr decided to overrule this advice and give the misleading statement. This is bad for the president because it shows he is happy to lie about the Russian situation. This from MSNBC.

28th July 2017 The Mooch Is In the House
Friday Trump Fun

Seth Myers takes a Closer Look as new proposed Director of White House Communications, Anthony Scaramucci, ruffles feathers in the White House, threatening to fire everyone in the press office after news of a meal is leaked to journalists. Trump tweeted that Trans preople are to be banned from working in the armed services, blaming costs of medical treatment. 15,000 Trans men and women could be affected. Army generals were only told of the announcment a day before.

27th July 2017 Donald Trump Is Harrassing Attorney General
John Sessions On Twitter, Announces Trans Ban In Army There Too

26th July 2017 Natalie Veselnitskaya Was Not Talking About Adoptions
She Was Lobbying To Get The Magnitsky Act Repealed

Summary of the CNN video below: The Donald Trump Jr et al meeting was discounted as an attempt by Natalie Veselnitskaya to get Russian adoptions by Americans lifted. Russian adoptions by Americans were banned by Russia after the passing of the Magnitski Act in the USA. The Magnitski Act freezes Putin's and other Russians assets in banks in the USA (similar Acts exist in other countries). Putin wants that Act repealed as it will cripple his powerbase were he to leave power. Sergei Magnitski [link to wikipedia] was a lawyer and auditor who uncovered a large scale fraud from the Russian state - billions have gone missing, he says, and Putin is alleged to be a beneficiary. Magnitski was arrested and died in prison. The West says it looks like the Rusisans killed him, although the Russians say he died of a heart attack. He was 37.

25th July 2017 Anthony Scaramucci Is Now In Charge
Seth Myers Sums Everything Up In Under 12 Minutes

Stephen Colbert shows us his Anthony Scaramucci impersonation...

22nd July 2017 Want To See the Happiest Face
In Washington? Here's Sean Spicer With Hannity

And here's a quick summary of what got us here...

21st July 2017 PM: Sean Spicer Resigns
Twitter Erupts

21st July 2017: Trump Investigating Pardoning Powers
CNN: Kushner Using Name On Chinese Investor Docs

Exclusive CNN news: Jared Kushner's White House connection still being used to lure Chinese investors

Trump doing 'due diligence' about giving himself, and others, a pardon... Reports The Washington Post (Rachel Maddow, MSNBC). This is all part of a broader investigation by the president in how to limit the investigatory powers of the Mueller Special Investigation. The White House is saying this is only an academic exercise at the moment.

Then this, also MSNBC

And this is how we laughed about it... Seth Myers, over to you

19th July 2017: Trump Met Putin For A Second Time At A G20 Dinner, Not Disclosed Until Now

The meeting was just Putin and Trump and a Russian translator. No American representative heard a word...

17th July 2017: Chris Wallace vs
Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow On Fox News

Well, we say Trump's Lawyer but he won't even explain who is ultimately paying him... So Mr Lawyerman, are you sure you aren't being paid by the Russians then? To be continued...

Trump Jr: I 'probably' met with other Russians - CNN

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