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Trumpgate 1st July to 16th July 2017

How the incredible events in the early months of the Donald Trump presidency broke...

16th July 2017: Why The Lies?
Fox News Clip

Whilst some of the most ardent Trump supporters broadcast on Fox News, some report the news...

14th July 2017: Donald Trump's Lawyer Has An Email Brawl
No Security Clearance For Him, Ever?

13th July 2017: Donald Trump Jr Is An Idiot
Says The Trump Supporting New York Post

Time Magazine gives Don Jr an 'I love it' moustache

Here's CNN summarising the Donald Trump Jr lies and changes of story

12th July 2017: Donald Trump Jr Talks To Sean Hannity
Did Donald Trump Senior Know? Twitter Says Yes (w Evidence)

If this video is dated correctly: Donald Trump Sr promises information on Hillary Clinton just after Don Jr agrees to meet the Russian, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

The Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr interview in full (Fox News)


Lawrence O'Donnell has his say - The real person in trouble here is Jared Kushner

Stephen Colbert has his say - Summary: The published emails show collusion plain and simple

How the lies unfolded

11th July 2017: Ramifications of the Donald Trump Jr Meeting
With Allegedly Kremlin Connected Lawyer...MSNBC

And this in which George W Bush's ethics lawyer, Richard Painter, says it's serious... Did Donald Trump know? Summary: He must have. (MSNBC)

And this is how the night time chat shows handled the story. Stephen Colbert talks to clips of Kellyanne Conway

Jimmy Kimmel has a puppet of Kellyanne Conway, but gets all the same answers from the original interview.

Meanwhile in paper news: Jared Kushner 'tried and failed to get a $500m loan from Qatar before pushing Trump to take hard line against country' Says the Independent.

10th July 2017: Donald Trump Jr Says He Met A Russian
Chris Cuomo of CNN vs Kellyanne Conway

9th July 2017: Donald Trump Jr, And Jared
Kushner Accused Of Russian Meeting

3rd July 2017: The World Needs Al Jazeera
Future Being Determined Now

The live Al Jazeera feed is here.

1st July 2017: The Strange Case of Mika Brzezinski
Is Donald Trump Trying To Manipulate The Press?

This is a very sinister development in the whole Trumpgate story. The president appears to be trying to manipulate the press by threatening journalists. Mika and Joe tell their story.

This is what Stephen Colbert had to say...

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