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Trump Physically Fights Interviewer
Following 'Unwelcome' Question

An interview between the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and CBS anchor, John Dickerson, ended in a physical bloody confrontation today after the president repeatedly refused to say what he thought about his predecessor.

The unprecedented physical fight, seen on CBS, below, occurred after Trump was asked his views on the wiretaps allegedly authorised by Barack Obama on Trump and his team during the election.

Trump angrily refused to say what he thought, then spat at the reporter, ran his own fingers through his own hair in frustration and shouted - "Don't ask me that question Numb Nut!"

Dickerson is clearly trying to keep his composure, and then you can see it dawning in his eyes that he needs to be loud back. The respected anchor jams his finger in the president's face and shouts, "Just answer the questions wise guy! The people want to know what you think!"

Trump glares back, looks the CBS anchor in the eyes and said in a low, sinister tone: "I am the president of the United States and I will do anything I want, you pussy." The 45th president of the United States picked the interviewer up and slammed him down on his head before security intervened to stop the president being hit back.

The full interview is below: Parental discretion is advised for language and violence.

Social media was in uproar:

President Trump really slammed that reporter! Well done Mr President #PunchHimPotus (@TrumpLover )

I am normally a liberal but that reporter had it coming! (@SockItToHimChamp)

I think you put the wrong video up. (@FakeNewsIndia)

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