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Video Of The Day - We Have Our Say: Drawing The Oscars 2014 Selfie

March 13, 2014
Angry Man
Jessie Krufts, Anarchist
"5 minutes 14 seconds to draw it? It only would have taken an old Polaroid to do it in 4 minutes. This is progress?"
Shocked Man
Harry Zonderblurb, Speedo Designer
"Amazing talent. If that movie was in real time, awesome talent."
Muscly Man
Kent Rugby, Optimist
"And they said photoralistic portraits would never survive when you can get an actual photo in a single click."
Older Man
Fred Flunkee, Judge
"Get a job as a court portrait drawer, my dear, the one they have now isn't trying hard enough."
Strange Man
Jimmy Popper, Cynic
"So if you were to do that to, say, a painting from a master would that be a forgery? or just an exact copy?"