Jan 25, 2013
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Concerned Citizen
Perry Shrapnel, Baker

"It must be the time to put on my man boob bikini and toddle off down to the beach again."

Shocked Man
Jamie Jamies, Top Hat Maker

"Jumping into the pool fully clothed is frowned upon in the circles I keep. We even have an illustrated sign for newbies."


Duncan Apple, Shirtless Candlestick Maker

"This is an excellent song to do synchronised bench presses to."

Old Gipper
Barry Bones, Retired Retirement Counselor

"I have just choreographed an old man dance for this tune and can't wait for when they play it down my club."

Ape Man

Harold Jones, Gerrymanderer

"I remember the good old days when a music video was a music video and the front cover of Men's Health was the front cover of Men's Health. Today's generation just confuses me. It's a hodgepodge."

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