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Video Of The Day - We Have Our Say: Foreign Language Impossible Karaoke

January 24, 2013

The video has been removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by Fox...

In the clip, a moderately hairy Turkish guy is in a chair having a body wax and during that they put a spider on him and then a lizard all the time him singing... Imagine America's Got Talent but Impossible Karaoke....

Angry Man
Perry Shrapnel,Horror Movie Lover
"Here's a scary idea horror movies haven't gone to as far as I am aware... Sticky wax on chest, big spider crawls down, gets stuck... ahhhhhh!!! (I'm screaming on the inside and out.)"
Shocked Man
Jamie Jamies, Comedy Agent
"Pulling the strips off slower would have added to the comedy value. Are they playing for laughs or not?"
Muscly Man
Duncan Apple, Hardware Store Go To Guy
"It would have been more impossible had they taped his mouth up."
Older Man
Barry Bones, TV Watcher
"I would love to meet the Turkish Simon Cowell who came up with this idea."
Strange Man
Harold Jones, Zoo-ologist
"It would have been more impossible had a lion sat on his face."