Jan 28, 2013
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: BLR Inauguration 2013

Bad Lip Reading
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Concerned Citizen
Perry Shrapnel, Motown Backing Vocalist

"Is that the first black president to ever sing at an inauguration? The glass ceilings keep on breaking."

Shocked Man
Jamie Jamies, Economic Philosopher

"Lip-synching the Beyonce lip-syncher? It's like a multilayered satire pudding with two dollops of ice cream."


Duncan Apple, Shirtless Chocalatier

"Why couldn't he have sung it that simple the first time?"

Old Gipper
Barry Bones, Diving Critic

"A Bad Lip Reading of Mitt Romney's Inauguration would have been twice as funny. America, are you playing for laughs or not?"

Ape Man

Harold Jones, Twister World Champion

"That's the funniest thing since George Bush choked on a pretzel."

Actual YouTube Comments...

That's probably how Beyonce really sounds lmao


So thats where my possum went


joe bidens face while beyonce sings at 2:23


"Romance is deception.

Romance is a parody.

It's how we get you cuddly and naughty naughty and not questioning men more than a two nights window"

Truer words have never been spoken.

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