Nov 5, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Animals Playing Dead Supercute

Playing Dead?
Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Perry Dannyboy, Small Animal Coaxer

"What terrible psychological torment did they have to put those poor animals through to make them do that? and, more importantly, can we sell it to the military, it could be worth billions."

Shocked Man
Jamie Nutts, Small Animal Zoo Keeper

"It is every American's constitutional right to defend himself or herself against small fluffy animals with the finger bang."


Duncan Deng, Cynic

"Yada yada yada. Humans have been doing this in the movies for years."

Old Gipper
Barry Golightly, Mythbuster

"Fake. You can see the edit between when they fire the fingers, swap the animal for a stuffed replica and then it topples over. I want my 3 minutes back."

Ape Man

Gared Burt, Entrepreneur

"How many died falling off the table onto their own little heads as they faked their own deaths for your entertainment? Yes, I thought that would shut you up."

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