Oct 22, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Please Move The Deer Crossing Signs

Oh deer deer
Have your say......
Concerned Citizen
Perry Golightly, Driving Blindfolded Expert

"She should feel lucky the government isn't sending elephants to hit her car."

Shocked Man
Jimmy Johnston, Backwards Somersaulter

"Can't they just build cars that allow deer to bounce off them unharmed? I'm thinking something like a motorised pillow?"


Perky Pinkyman, Pec Coordinator

"What she needs is one of those cars from the cartoons that can suddenly stretch upwards to allow things underneath go through."

Old Gipper
Jim Jailbreak, Flautist

"She has a point. I know for a fact that at Area 51 they are working on controlled, exploding, deer. If they can control those deer surely they can control all of them, or at least make the deer cross the road when the lights go red?"

Ape Man

Perry Bunga, Laughter Counselor

"I would love it if they changed the sign for a day to random tank crossings just to see the look on this woman's face."

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