Sept 25, 2012
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Video Of The Day Have Your Say: Chillin' Baby Panda

Have your say
Concerned Citizen
Simon Shalala, Singer

"Baby pandas should be encouraged to do sports, exercise a bit, from an early age, or they will grow up to be obese lethargic creatures."

Shocked Man
Barry Moonilow, Piano Tuner To The Stars

"There's cool, and then there's just sitting really really still in a chair..."


Maurice Goober, Pec Bouncer Trainer

"Panda's = animal racism. They are just bears for heavens sake - that they are black and white patchy bears should mean nothing. If they were brown bears that ate bamboo shoots all day who would care?"

Old Gipper
Manly Gaycherub, Pastry Improviser

"I would trust a panda over a banker with my savings any day. The panda might eat my money, but at least I would be able to see it again, mixed up with the bamboo shoots, in its poop, later."

Ape Man

Boris Boomer, Professional Shower and Bathing Witnesser

"If only pandas made an endearing noise I would be able to get past the fat don't do nothing all day dreariness of them. Yawn."

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