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23rd May 2017

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23rd May 2017: Donald Trump's
First International Trip, As Chaos Continues Back Home

Jimmy Kimmel's opening dialogue is superb

Rachel Maddow is a guest on the Stephen Colbert Late Show.

It Seems To Me: 20th May 2017
Donald Trump: Is Donald Just Being Donald?

So, the most successful market economy in the world, the USA, elects to be president a, seemingly, very successful businessman.

Why hadn't they done it before? A successful businessmen in charge of the biggest economy in the world? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, 120 days into his presidency it looks like we can all now see the problem.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he seems to be running the White House like his own business.

Example: the firing of James Comey.

Inside the White House the head of FBI isn't head of your company's security. Trump reportedly asked FBI head Comey for his loyalty. The loyalty of the head of the FBI is ultimately to the people of the USA, albeit serving at the pleasure of the president. No head of the FBI can give that assurance.

But Trump asking the head of his own company's security for his loyalty is exactly what you would expect to hear from the billionaire head of a property company to his head of security. A firing would obviously occur if the head of security says anything other than yes.

So when Comey doesn't give him his loyalty Trump sacks him.

And then he berates him, calling him a "nut job".

Not presidential language. But property billionaire language no doubt.

So that's the problem. Donald Trump is just running the White House like he ran his successful business.

20th May 2017

18 May: President Trump
Someone Mentions Impeachment For The First Time

Seth Meyers (Special Prosecutor appointed minutes before recording)

17 May: Trump Gives Classified
Intelligence To The Russians Day 2

Stephen Colbert has his say

Seth Meyers calls on President Trump to resign...

This MSNBC interview segment says President Trump ordered everyone out of the Oval Office so he could talk to Comey on his own.

16 May: Trump Gives Classified
Intelligence To The Russians

Stephen Colbert:

Seth Meyers:

BBC news:

SNL: Sean Spicer
James Comey Week

SNL: Donald Trump Admits Firing
James Comey Because Of Russia Inquiry

Something For The Weekend: 1975
Mel Brooks On Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

Internet Goes Wild Over This Picture
Of Sean Spicer Hiding In The Bushes

White House Lawn

EXCLUSIVE: Sean Spicer is somewhere in the picture above, hiding in the bushes to avoid questions over Russian connections to the Donald Trump administration yesterday, according to sources close to the lawn.

Spicer, the Senior White House Press Officer, took calls whilst in hiding and sent his assistant to the Press Room to answer questions instead.

Computer simulations run by this newspaper have calculated the most likely places Sean Spicer could hide so that he could not be seen from inside the White House:

Sean Spicer most likely hiding places

(Stick figure man not to scale.)

Google Earth is being scanned, as we type, to find pictures of Sean Spicer in the bushes.

So far nothing has been found.

Experts agree that the most likely hiding place would be in the following shot in any of the positions indicated by the stick figure .

Sean Spicer hiding places detail



Original (top) image copyright: I, Daniel Schwen [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

12th May: Comey Firing Backlash Continues
The Late Night Comics Have Their Say

Stephen Colbert has his go... It's brutal...

Seth Meyers: Trump's Shifting Story on Firing James Comey: A Closer Look

How The Nighttime
Comics Covered The Comey Firing

James Comey, You Just Got Trump'd! - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Trump Faces the Fallout from Firing James Comey: A Closer Look

Jimmy Kimmel on James Comey, Sean Spicer & Vladimir Putin

Even Comey's Firing Was All About Trump

Evidence Trump Delayed Comey's Sacking
Because He Thought Name Pronounced 'Commie'

Secret recordings heard by a person emailing this newspaper anonymously reveals that Donald Trump was told FBI Director James Comey's surname was pronounced 'Commie' in the early days of his presidency, in the latest shocking twist to this latest development.

This would explain why President Trump didn't dismiss FBI director James Comey immediately he came to power, as he assumed he was actually a Communist agent.

Had director James Comey been a secret Russian Communist agent it would be reasonable to assume that he would have changed the pronunciation of his surname as part of his subterfuge, according to a popular 1950s cold war pulp fiction novelist's son who had spoken to his Alzheimer's ridden father in an old people's home to confirm the story.

A Commie was a term widely used for Russian Communists in America during the Cold War.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump with big black mic

Spellings specialists, who have analysed the words 'Comey' and 'Commie', admit that there are striking similarities to the two words and are easily pronounced the same way by people.

James Comey

Former FBI Director James Comey with smaller black mic

The #Watergate2 continues.

9th May 2017
Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back

Jimmy Kimmel stands up for healthcare for babies and he is attacked by the Right in America. This is crazy.

Seriously For A Minute: 8th May 2017
Why are people sleeping on the streets in 2017?

Occasionally I intend to write some personal thoughts on the site. Like these notes here.

Nothing funny.

I'm just trying to understand what is going on in the world.

Here's an experience from last Thursday. I had a trip to Cambridge. I love the city. 31 colleges, a river with punting trips up and down, teaming with smiley shiny students and young people taking selfies, fathers and sons taking pictures together as a memento of an experience of a lifetime in one of the world's great university cities. It is a wonderful city. But there was an underside that upset me. Nothing intimidating, everyone was so polite, just a very visible number of homeless people begging on the street. In this collection of notes I set out what I found out about it. Why do people sleep on the streets in England in 2017?

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