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27th April 2017

An ordinary man's wander around the interwebs. Looking for reason...

Friday Feeling
28th April 2017

Trump vs North Korea: The Big Fight - Seth Myers has his say

Wandering The Web
27th April 2017

Dave Grohl and Mom on the Late Show

The latest polls show most people think Brexit was a mistake. This could be a turning point

Twitter trend of note: #BadBookPrequels

Then I had a Michael McIntyre period, firstly interviewing Jeremy Clarkson

Then Michael McIntyre was on Top Gear.

On The Day I Discovered Jiminiy Glick
26th April 2017

Better late than never. Today I discovered this legend of Comedy Central. Martin Short plays the hilarious Jimini Glick...Three of the best videos I saw in my hour long laughfest today... Starting with the best walk-on on a chat show in history. Ellen Degeneres meets Jiminy Glick

Here's Jon Stewart.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Trump backs down on border wall funding BBC News

Bunny rabbit dies on United Airlines flight. Who Bun It?

Donald Trump's First 100 Days
25th April 2017

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz says it appears that Michael Flynn accepted money from Russia

Seth Myers takes a closer look:

Husband, 95, who bludgeoned his wife of 65 years with a lump hammer in an attempted mercy killing because she didnít want to die in a care home is spared jail [Daily Mail]


Game of Thrones stars reportedly sign biggest pay-per-episode deal in TV history [Telegraph]

Stephen Colbert takes a look:

Tom Hardy makes a citizen's arrest in London - A motocycle was stolen... two 16 year olds have been arrested, say police. [BBC]

Daily Mail goes crazy with a load of text messages sent to children by their parents...

Daily Five Video Viral's
24th April 2017

1) Some not life hacks to start with

2) Duck!

3) Sir, could you please take your feet off the seat

4) Puddle Jumper

5) And finally... Happy Monday

Daily Five Video Viral's
21st April 2017

1) Goodbye Bill O'Reilly from Trevor Noah

2) Hello Tuck Buckford (Alex Jones)

3) This dog is completely cheating at Twister

4) You could probably earn more money on the streets doing this than a lemonade stand is all I'm saying...

5) And finally... Owl takes shower

Daily Five Video Viral's
20th April 2017

1) Alec Baldwin discusses The Donald impression with Stephen Colbert

2) Meanwhile drunk Donald has his say (Jimmy Kimmel)

3) Stephen Colbert opening monologue 18th April 2017

4) More yoga with pets

5) And finally... This kangaroo just doesn't care any more.

Daily Five Video Viral's
19th April 2017

1) Working in retail, Australia style

2) Dog in the mirror

3) On the one hand it's great the world has been given Super Kitten. However, what can it actually do? Apart from looking cute?

4) This is just so sad...

5) And finally... cockatiel sings to baby

Daily Five Video Viral's
18th April 2017

1) We need this cute picture of a line of kittens in, like, 5 minutes...

2) Meanwhile in North Korea

3) Quick - Is this a cat or an owl?

4) Just remember that shouting can sometimes be all you need to do...

5) And finally... cute piggy

Daily Five Video Viral's
17th April 2017

1) Easter Special: Rabbits in hats eating dinner

2) Easter Special: What's up dog?

3) Easter Special: No words required

4) Look what this dog got for Easter

5) Shhhh... This cat just woke up...

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