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24th March 2017

Daily Five Video Viral's
24th March 2017

1) Yesterday was National Puppy Day

2) This kitty just found out

3) Scuba diver removes knife from shark's head...

4) Giant Chicken

5) And finally... How to tickle a Rhino

Daily Five Video Viral's
23rd March 2017

1) Lady Gaga falls to earth (with latest viral twist)

2) This is how to do painting

3) One from the archive: Cat vs Flower

4) Roller coaster ride

5) And finally... What does a sink full of hedgehogs look like?

Daily Five Video Viral's
22nd March 2017

1) This has got to be what the internet was invented for...

2) Healthy eating 2017

3) No dog was hurt during the recording of this video

4) There must be a child line number for this

5) And finally... are you suffering with the Trumps?

Daily Five Video Viral's
21st March 2017

1) Cat gets a tow

2) High School Mischief

3) Not hot dogs (yet)

4) They played High School Musical in the club...

5) And finally... from the archive - champagne fights back

Daily Five Video Viral's
20th March 2017

1) Chuck Berry is rocking in heaven

2) This cat is watching you watching her...

3) Lizard on a wooden floor

4) Snow time

5) And finally... Combing a squirrel

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